The people and the stories

As I think back to our earlier days of all of our work, I have to admit that some of the most exciting times I had in building our family tree must have been speaking to all of the people of the older generations of our family.  We had to the opportunity to get to know people who were alive in very different times from World War II to the revolutionary times in Europe and even as far back as World War I.  We had an opportunity to understand the hardships that most people lived through and had to get through in order to survive.  It was a nice added bonus to get all that on top of some family tree information.

Once we reached a certain point back in time, we decided to branch outward as well capturing people who are truly distant relatives.  This led us on a quest where we were able to get even more stories about different places.  Our family for the most part was confined to Slovenia but after expanding outward, we had the opportunity to learn more about life in the US since many distant relatives settled there, specifically in Pittsburgh and then moving outward from there.

The whole point is, take advantage of the resources you have today.  They won’t be around forever and you will definitely lose a point of interest which you’ll never get again, a true, personal account of the experiences of life.

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