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This website is dedicated to assisting people in developing their family trees and in pursuing genealogical research.

We have invested over 20 years researching our family history.  It all started as a simple project in elementary school and took on a life of its own years later.  Rather than taking a traditional approach of simply researching our ancestors, we also chose to branch outwards to find distant relatives spanning as far out as fifth cousins which in essence shows a familial connection dating back seven generations.  Now, after all this intense work, we have discovered over 25,000 people in our family tree.

We are at our core unconventional thinkers which is why our project has become so vast and why we have been so successful in finding all of this information.

The goal of this site is to provide users a platform to share information and also learn new techniques in performing their own research.

Read more about who we are and what assistance we can provide you with in reaching your goals.


The gFamilyTree team

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  1. Maja Jelercic Jesih says:

    Congratulations on you work and thank you on behalf of a Belokranian 😉 for all the effort you’ve put in your work…my grandfather started working on our family tree 30 years ago when a distant relative from the states came to search for our part of the family and by coincidence they met.since then almost every year relatives from the states come in search of their roots and our family tree is growing with the new info 😉 if you’re interested,i can give you their contacts or info on our Jakljevic family from Grabrovec near Metlika. Or even some info about the family on my partner’side – Jesih, former Kocjan, from Sela near Dragatus…keep up the good work,greetings from Slovenia!

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