The Evolution

As time goes on, so does our work. In the last year and a half since we have stepped up our work, we have added over 21,000 new names to our “family tree”. This is something that we have no intention of slowing down with. We are striving to connect all the people in the Bela Krajina region of Slovenija to show everyone that even if we’re not family, we are still connected in some way.

As time has progressed, our ambitions and goals have also evolved. While our genealogical research goals remain unchanged, we have discovered a very enticing side project which will go hand in hand with our research. We are in the process of compiling the stories of the people of Bela Krajina.

The history that is written in books is generally written by the victors of war and those who had the means to tell their own stories through writing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always give a fair representation of all of the people, their lives, their ambitions and the reason why we are who we are.

Our goal is to meet and interview the people of the senior generation to get a first hand version of what life really was like in various parts of the region. Unfortunately, time is not on our side and we must expedite this work as that generation is growing older and slowly diminishing in size.

With this additional objective, we hope to expose a greater picture of the life of the people of the Bela Krajina region with stories that date back as much as one century to give us a true picture of what life was like in this part of the country through the years.

As always, we appreciate any contributions and donations made to this project and with what we hope to accomplish.

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