Stepping Up The Game

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working intensely on expanding the reach of our tree. We have recently entered the area of the Vinica parish which encompasses the villages of Podklanec, Golek pri Vinici, Sečje Selo, Učakovci, Vukovci, Otok, Kovačji Grad, Damelj, Nova Lipa, Stara Lipa, Perudine, Hrast, Ogulin, Dolnji Suhor, Gornji Suhor, Drežnik, Drenovec and last but not least, Vinica itself.

What motivated us to move from our “home” parish to Vinica is the staggering amount of people who we found marrying from Zilje into this parish, particularly in the village of Podklanec. Well, once we had access to those records, we could not help ourselves but start taking in the whole parish.

This has led us to expanding our tree to over 10,000 people. It is quite staggering when you consider that most of these villages vary in population from fifty to a few hundred people.

Nonetheless, this has had an unfortunate side effect. As we started analyzing all of this extra data, we started to notice ties to other parishes. Now, we are experiencing the same, need, or perhaps desire to know more. This need has led us to wanting to research in other parishes such as Dragatuš, Sinji Vrh, Stari Trg, Adlešiči and Podzemlj.

I personally always loved doing this as a hobby but I’ve come to a point where I am seriously contemplating turning this into my life’s work. I want to take on Bela Krajina (While Carniola) which extends as far as Semič and Metlika.

I’ve always believed that this is information that should be freely available to anyone and for that reason, we do all this work on our own time. In order to be able to do this on a full time basis, we’ll most definitely need funding. Details will follow soon!

Thanks for reading!

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