The work continues

A year has passed since we stepped up our work. We have published 7 different villages spanning 2 parishes and are working on our third right now.

We have definitely been noticed by many people trying to find their roots from all over Slovenia, Canada and the United States. It has been very fulfilling to be able to help people discover who they are by helping them get connected to their families in Slovenia.

We have completely collected records for 3 parishes and now have at least 4 more set in our sights. With a tree that has over 25,000 people, we are working hard to increase that number and give more people the ability to find their ancestors and their relatives. Despite the volume of work that we have already done, the goal is to absorb as much genealogical information as possible from all over Slovenia starting in the Bela Krajina (White Carniola) region in the south.

We have not limited ourselves simply to studying families but also the lives these people led, how they lived and why they lived the way they did. The history of the region is just as important to our work as the people. While helping to find their roots, we want to be able to tell them something about those people and how they lived.

Our fund raising campaign has been successful so far and we hope to be able to raise more money in order to help this work move forward at a quicker pace. Every bit of support is appreciated and goes directly into our work in an attempt to connect every Slovenian worldwide to the places that they came from.

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