Moving forward…

Moving forward, the plan is to go full force into researching the genealogical past of Bela Krajina (White Carniola) as well as some other parts of Slovenia. This is something that was never done before but it realistic with the proper support.

We have already started working quite intensely into the southern region, mostly around the parishes of Vinica and Preloka. There is a great deal more that we need to do in order to get this project rolling.

Work will continue on the Vinica parish but will continue onward into Sinji Vrh, Adlešiči, Dragatuš, Podzemlj, Stari Trg and eventually Črnomelj, Metlika and the surrounding area and Semič and the surrounding area.

While most for-hire genealogists will research your family’s history with an associated cost, our goal is to research everyone’s family history. The information will be freely available (with restrictions according to privacy laws) to everyone. As research continues, our findings will be published online.

This is an enormous undertaking but it is not unreasonable. This work involves a great deal of accuracy and discipline so as we move forward, we also hope to bring on others to help us in our work.

We have set our goal and know what we want to accomplish. We can only make it happen with your support!

Thank you in advance.

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